Over the past few weeks we have been blogging about our families and how we empathize with foster children because they don’t know what it’s like to grow up with a loving family and support team, but recently I came across this really amazing blog that says the opposite. I feel it’s important to know that there are some good foster parents in the world, who foster children for the right reason and how this is a perfect example of what the future should look like for these kids. The title of the blog is, The Heartbreak of Foster Care. The blog is a personal reflection from a parent who fosters children. They talk about how other parents always say, they don’t know how they are able to deal with all the heartbreak that comes with fostering a child because these kids are usually not the easiest to parent. However, the parent writes—“You voluntarily allow a child into your home whose parents are probably less than stellar. They come with lice (or worse). They don’t know how to eat at the table properly. They probably cry for parents you wish could be locked up for decisions they’ve made. It means child services in your home, scrutinizing you in ways no one does for a biological child. But take a second to consider the alternative. Where else would they be?” http://daddystractor.com/2014/02/24/the-heartbreak-of-foster-care/ (Link to blog) I think this is a very powerful statement because it’s so true. No one want to take these kids into there home because it’s not going to be easy, but if no one stands up for them who will? I think this person is amazing for all they believe in and I just thought this is a great example of how people should become in terms of taking in foster children. ~Kathryn


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